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To see your child take its first step is an indescribable feeling. The time frame when a child takes its first step is very individual, but usually around 10-12 months although all children develop differently and it can happen earlier and later. To make it easier for your child, you as a parent can make sure to choose the right shoes early on. At Footmaller we have gathered a big selection of Toddler shoes. As a parent you should be aware not to buy shoes for your child too early. There are recommendations that say you should wait at least six weeks before the first shoes are worn.

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-31% Easy Peasy BLUBLU  First shoes sorbet/mangue from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-29% Dorothy Perkins MATTE Cowboy/Biker boots light brown from Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins


-20% Kavat RULLSAND  Baby shoes red from Kavat



-20% Coolway NAIF Cowboy/Biker boots brown from Coolway



-30% Louis Norman Cowboy/Biker boots black from Louis Norman

Louis Norman


-40% Kenneth Cole New York ALANA Cowboy/Biker boots black from Kenneth Cole New York

Kenneth Cole New Yor..


-29% Buffalo Cowboy/Biker boots garda from Buffalo



-29% H.I.S. Cowboy/Biker boots black from H.I.S.



-30% Altraofficina Cowboy/Biker boots nero from Altraofficina



Harley Davidson SHAY Cowboy/Biker boots black from Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson


-40% Friboo Casual laceups rosa from Friboo



-62% Friboo Hightop trainers gold from Friboo



-30% Shoeshibar SHENNA Cowboy/Biker boots black from Shoeshibar



-11% Vans Winston Glitter Girls Trainers from Vans



-30% Kanna Cowboy/Biker boots noir/marron from Kanna



-30% ANAKI SPOUTNIK Cowboy/Biker boots noir from Anaki



-61% Friboo Casual laceups dark grey from Friboo



-30% Pier One Cowboy/Biker boots nero from Pier One

Pier One


-41% Robeez CUP CAKE First shoes violet clair from Robeez



-39% Robeez DAISY First shoes rose/poudre from Robeez



-30% KIOMI Cowboy/Biker boots black from KIOMI



-30% A.S.98 Cowboy/Biker boots amaranto/nero from A.S.98



-19% Easy Peasy BLUMOO First shoes grenadine from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-48% Robeez BEAUTIFUL FROG First shoes offwhite from Robeez



-19% Richter Baby shoes panna from Richter



-19% Richter Baby shoes lipstick from Richter



-45% Reebok Classic VERSA PUMP OMNI LITE  Trainers fearless pink/black/solar yellow/white from Reebok



-55% Superfit TENSY Hightop trainers dahlia from Superfit



-55% Richter Baby shoes lollypop from Richter



Easy Peasy BLUMOO First shoes ecose/argent from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-20% Easy Peasy First shoes blanc from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-49% Shoo Pom BOUBA NEW Baby shoes fog/water blu from SHOO POM by Pom d’Api

SHOO POM by Pom d’Ap..


Harley Davidson ROSANA Cowboy/Biker boots black from Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson


-41% Easy Peasy First shoes silver from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-19% Easy Peasy BLUBLU PIKA First shoes pamplemousse/blanc from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


-35% Shoo Pom BOUBA Baby shoes navy from Shoo Pom

Shoo Pom


Froddo Laceups fuchsia from Froddo



-41% Superfit TENSY Hightop trainers stone from Superfit



-20% Richter Baby shoes atlantic/fire/panna from Richter



-30% Sam Edelman PAIGE Cowboy/Biker boots brown from Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman


Easy Peasy LOULOU First shoes plume from Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy


Toddler shoes are an excellent alternative when your child is learning to take its first steps. These shoes are steady and stable. Just remember that it is also good for a child to learn how to walk barefoot, so it is a good idea to alternate. Toddler shoes are great for walks and outdoor activities, followed by letting the child go barefoot or in socks inside the house for variety. It's hard to know exactly how long the child should use toddler shoes, but you can find a wide variety of other children's shoes on Footmaller that you can use when you feel the time is right.